Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Your mission should you choose to accept it...

May 27-29

...is to get about 150 more bricks.

Eh...what's a few more bricks at this point. The masons want to fix the bond pattern from an earlier restoration that doesn't match the wall at the peak of the gable so they need some extras. So I'll make two trips to the brick pile instead of one this week.

They've cleaned all the bricks that I've already salvaged and are in the process of rebuilding the chimney. By Friday, they had just 11 courses to go, and the chimney was visible from the ground:

At this point it looks like the chimney will be completely rebuilt by Wednesday next week. That will make our local Araspaha Garden Club members happy since they are planning an anniversary tea on Thursday.

When it rains it pours around here...but that's another story!

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