Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A New Post!

OK, so I've been a bit slow at posting lately...it's been relatively quiet on the construction front around here. So that means its time to catch up. Here a few photos of the finished brick accessibility ramp and dry well area that we worked on last summer. Truth be told we still need to install a mahogany threshhold at the door to allow people that use wheelchairs to enter the building. But that's coming soon! Also, next spring we'll plant some grass in the area. We contacted our lawn service to get the same blend of seeds that they used a couple of years ago when the whole lawn was re-seeded.

In the photo above you can just make out the slight incline of the brick ramp as it rises in elevation from right to left. It's very subtle and we are very happy that the overall impact on the landscape will be negligible once the grass is growing in the area again.

This second photo shows the are of the drywell and the pipe trenches leading to it from the house. These areas will be reseeded in the spring. Just off-center to the left in the photo you can see a small bit of PVC pipe protruding from the drywell. This is a temporary pipe that we installed to check the level of water and rate of drainage in the drywell. You'll recall that we hit a layer of clay about 6 fe
et down and we're concerned about the drainage rate from the well. So far, after several pretty heavy rains in a short mount of time, the well is performing nicely. Now we just need a big nor'easter to give it a final exam (just kidding!)

Here's a shot up the new ramp toward the back door. You get a good perspective of what the height of the new threshhold going into door will need to be. Also, since this walk was an existing part of the landscape, our masons mapped the location of every brick when they originally pulled this walk up. When they laid it back down, all the bricks were placed back in their same location to the walk has exactly the same appearance from above.

Next...the controversial doorway!

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