Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer History Projects

It's been a while since we've had an entry on the blog...we haven't been working on the houses recently but we are just getting started with few really interesting projects...

- We have a Museum Studies intern from the University of Delaware working with us this summer to develop an audio walking tour of the New Castle Historic District. She's just finished her first week here and is recording her progress in a blog for the Museum Studies program...check it out here.

- We're going to be conducting a Phase II archaeological investigation in the rear yard of the Dutch House lot - probably beginning in July. Last fall we had a ground penetrating radar study completed, and that suggests there may be some very interesting features in the yard. Stay tuned for more...

- Finally, we're working with the Newlin Grist Mill to make bricks that will be used to restore the hearth in the Amstel House. We'll be completing all steps of the process ourselves. The project will also start in early July and we hope to fire the bricks on the first Saturday in October up at Newlin.

Check back to learn more about these projects throughout the summer!

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