Thursday, May 7, 2009

Archaeology Symposium

In addition to being historic preservation month, May is also archaeology month! And I almost forgot to put a plug in for the archaeology symposium that at the New Castle Court House on Saturday, May 9, from 9 am to 4 pm. The topic is "Early Colonial Period Archaeology of the Delaware Valley."

Specific lecture topics include:
  • Finding American Indian Sites of the Contact Period
  • Middle Atlantic Contact Period Archaeology as Colonial Discourse: Are There Alternatives?
  • What Can Late Woodland Ceramics of the Lower Delaware Valley Tell Us About Native American Ethnic Group Distributions During the Contact Period
  • How To Find Needles In A Haystack - Contemporary Accounts of Seventeenth Century Goods Traded on the Delaware
  • Wampum on the Fringe: Absence of a post-1610 Commodity in Delaware and Why.
  • Augustine Herrman, Lord of Bohemia Manor
  • Colonial Settlement in Coastal Delaware: Avery's Rest - A Case Study
  • The Real Buried Treasure in Marcus Hook: Update on Excavations at the Plank House
  • Strategic Planning for New Castle Community History & Archaeology Program: The Archaeology of Colonization and Beyond
It looks like a lot of great discussions - See you there on Saturday!

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