Thursday, May 28, 2009

Parging & Filling Continues...

May 20

The masons finished filling the chimney voids today. When they finished up they signed and dated their work:

Additionally, they also parged the interior surface of the rebuilt gable wall. Before the wall could be parged they had to clean up the messy mortar joints between the CMUs (concrete masonry units). Here's what the wall looked like at the end of the day:

I was not around the site much today, I had the pleasure of meeting the new director of Preservation Delaware, David Scott, and took him on a tour of Historic New Castle. In addition to visiting our sites, we toured the New Castle Court House and the Read House (BTW check out the Delaware Historical Society's Making History 11:45 blog). Michele from the Read House joined us for lunch at Jessops. We talked about preservation in New Castle and the relationship between Preservation Delaware and local organizations. I'm looking forward to working with him going forward.

And that's it! Another quick blog post...but don't worry, they'll be plenty of gory project detail coming up soon!

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