Thursday, May 28, 2009

Doc' em Dano

May 19

Documentation time! Pull out the tape measure and camera again! (About now, I'm wishing that I had taken Drafting I in high school!)

I headed up to the attic first thing in the morning to get some measurements and take a bunch of photos. I had some help from one of the masons who made some suggestions on measurements to take and took some photos from on the roof looking down at the chimney.

By the time I finished the notes I made on graph paper were indecipherable to anyone but me, and I was pretty sure they wouldn't do me any good if I didn't clean them up asap. So I headed down to my desk to re-draw the plan of the chimney with annotations. Uh-oh, 10 am...time for a meeting. After the meeting, the normal work day stuff got in the way, cluttering up my brain and blurring the details of my earlier documentation. By about 3 pm I finally sat down to re-write the drawing and here's what I came up with:

Yeah, I doesn't make any sense to me either when I see it at this size in the blog. The full size image or hard copy is much easier to read and understand. So I think its OK.

By the time I finished drawing this, the masons had filled about half the voids with their cement vermiculite mixture. Here's a pic of the void between the two flues (the flue for the second floor fireplace in at the right in the pic). The stuff that looks like clumpy potting soil in the photo is the vermiculite/cement filler:

That's it for me today...more tomorrow.

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