Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Roof Finished

The roofers pretty much finished work at the Amstel House on July 18th and everything looks good. We will have a meeting this coming Friday with our architect and the general contractor to review a punch list of items to be finished at both the Amstel and Dutch Houses - primarily gutter work and the installation of a diverter over the Dutch House cellar doors - then the roofers will be finsihed with us.

Here's a couple pics of the finished roof and flashing at the Amstel House:

You may have noticed in thelast photo that the flashing covers the drip course on the chimney. We debated about this treatment after it was done, and discussed whethere that was the best way to handle it. Ideally, the flashing should have been installed beneath the drip course (with a reglet cut in the mortar joint just under the drip course), but with our layered roofing system there realy was not enough room to do that effectively - so we are going with what we have here.

All in all the roof looks great! And everything is dry inside!

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